Sixth Class Booklist

Booklist 6th Class



Maths:                                 Mathemagic 6 (CJ Fallons)


English:                               Ghosts Secrets and Thieves                                 

                                             Ghosts Secrets and thieves Skills book              

                                             (All the above are Carroll Heineman Bookcase)


                                             A Way with Words 6 (CJ Fallon)                      


Irish:                                    Bun go Barr 6 (CJ Fallon)                               


History:                               Small World History 6th class (CJ Fallon)         


Geography:                         Small World Geography and Science 6th class (CJFallon)                              

Religion:                              Alive O 8 textbook. (Veritas)                             




All the books listed above will be provided to the children who have paid €15.00 Book Rental.(Please see Epayment request sent re same).

 The books etc. listed below must be purchased.




English:                                 Spellbound 6 (CJ Fallon)                  

                                               A good pocket Dictionary

                                               A good pocket Thesaurus

                                              New Wave English in Practice 6th Class (Prim-Ed)


Irish:                                       Ceartlitriú 6 (CJ Fallon)

Irish/English Dictionary


Maths:                                    Mental Maths 6 (Prim-ed)


Geography:                           A good atlas for Primary School


12x88 pg writing copies.                                                       4x88 pg Maths copies.

Hardback Notebook (A4)                                                    Mathematical Set with compass.

Tin Whistle (D key).                                                              30 cm Ruler.





***** Please see Epayment request to be sent re the following: ****

        Photocopying, Arts & Crafts, Tests, 24-Hour Insurance, Homework Journal: €30


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