Junior Infant Booklist 2018-2019

Junior Infant Booklist 2018-2019


Busy at Maths (Book and Home/School Links workbook)    -   CJ FALLON


Sounds in Action - Junior Infants      -     Folens

Jolly Phonics pupil book 1 (black and white) 

New Wave Handwriting       -      Prim Ed

Rainbow English Programme – Oral Language Programme Response Book    -    CJ Fallon

10 - Book Rental (covers school reading scheme) Please see Epayment request sent re same.


Bua na Cainte A        -        Edco


Grow in Love   -   Junior Infants


Pritt Stick x 1

Baby wipes x 1 packet







***** Please see Epayment request to be sent re the following: ****

Photocopying, Stationery, Arts & Crafts, 24-Hour Insurance: €50


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