Fourth Class Booklist

4th Class Booklist 2018/2019


ENGLISH:                          Giants Fishbones and Chocolate.                                            

                                               Giants Fishbones and Chocolate skills book         

                                               (All the above are Carroll Heineman bookcase.)

                                                         A way with words (CJ Fallons)


GAEILGE:                      Bun Go Barr 4 (CJ Fallon).


HISTORY:                     Small World Fourth Class SESE Programme


GEOGRAPHY & SCIENCE:    Small World Fourth Class SESE Programme           


MATHS:                        Mathemagic 4.(CJ Fallon)                                                                                                                                                                               

RELIGION:                   Alive O 6.(Veritas)                                                                                               

All the above books are available to the children who have paid the €15.00 Book rental fee. (Please see Epayment request sent re payment for same).

The list below contains workbooks, copies etc. which each child must purchase.



ENGLISH:                           Spellbound 4 (CJ Fallons)

                                                         New Wave English in Practice 4th class (Prim-Ed)

                                                         Good pocket dictionary

HANDWRITING:                    Handwriting Today Book D (Prim-Ed)


MATHS:            New Wave Mental Maths(Prim-Ed)

                                       Maths Assessment Test 4(CJ Fallon)


HISTORY:         Small World Activity Book 4th class (CJ Fallon)  


GEOGRAPHY & SCIENCE:          Small World Activity Book 4t class (CJ Fallon)


GAEILGE:                           Irish/English Dictionary                                                                              

                                      Ceartlitriú 4 (CJ Fallon)


10x88pg Writing Copies                   3x Maths copies


Additional items (Please have your childs name on all these items)


Tin whistle (D key)                                     30cm Ruler             1 clear file 40pg folder

1 X A4 Document Folder



***** Please see Epayment request to be sent re the following: ****

     Photocopying, Arts & Crafts, Tests, 24-Hour Insurance, Homework Journal: €30

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