First Class Booklist

Booklist 1st Class 2018- 2019.


English:                        Oxford Reading Tree Scheme Books



All the above books are available free to children who have paid €10.00

Book Rental Fee (Please see Epayment request sent for same).

 The workbooks copies etc. listed below must be purchased .




Maths:                          Mathemagic  1 (CJ Fallon).

                                      Shadow Mathemagic book 1 (CJ Fallon)                           

                                      New Wave Mental Maths 1(Prim-Ed)


Irish Workbook:          Bua na Cainte 1.(Ed Co)                                     


SESE Workbook:        Small World First Class (CJ Fallon)             


English Workbook:       Rainbow Programme – Oral Language Response Book                   (Workbook)        

                                       Spellbound 1 (CJ Fallon)


Handwriting:               New Wave Handwriting 1st Class workbook (Prim-Ed)                                                                                                                                                


Copies:                          4x88 Page writing copy       2 notebooks

                                      1 Maths copy.       A4 40 pg. Display folder               





***** Please see Epayment request to be sent re the following: ****


 Photocopying, Arts& Crafts, 24-hour Insurance and Homework journal €30.

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