2nd Class Booklist 2018-2019

2nd Class Booklist

English Readers:                               Oxford Reading Tree


The above books are available as part of the School Book Rental Scheme (Please see Epayment request re payment for same).

The workbooks, copies, folders etc. listed below need to be bought separately.


School Books:

Handwriting Workbook:                  New Wave Handwriting 2nd Class – Prim –Ed

Oral Language:                                  Rainbow Language Prog. Oral Language

                                                            Response Book(Workbook)


Irish Workbooks:                              *Bua na Cainte 2 – Ed. Co.

                                                             *Ceartlitriú 2 –CJ Fallon


Maths:                                                *Mathemagic 2 (Textbook) – CJ Fallon     

                                                            *New Wave Mental Maths 2nd Class – Prim-Ed


Phonics & Spellings:                         Spellbound 2 – CJ Fallon


Copies and Stationary:

  • 2 x 88pg Writing Copy
  • 2 x Nature Studies Copy (One page blank and one page lined)
  • 1 x A4 Hardback Notebook
  • 1 x Small notebook for tables
  • 2 x A4 Plastic Envelopes for worksheets and reading/homework folder
  • 1 x A4 Ring Binder(NOT Lever Arch) folder and packet of subject dividers
  • 4 x White board markers
  • 1 x Pritt Stick Glue
  • 4 HB Pencils, eraser, sharpener and 30cm ruler
  • Please label all copies, books, plastic envelopes, notebooks and the A4 Ring Binder folder.


***** Please see Epayment request to be sent re the following: ****

€30 for photocopying, art and craft supplies, tests, 24-Hour Insurance & Homework Journal.

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